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Ambridge, Pennsylvania
The Art Department
At ACDC Studio
At the Kingston Mall
At the Poughkeepsie Plaza Mall
Autumn Get-together. 1 of 2
Autumn Get-together. 2 of 2
Ben, Catherine, Billy
Betty's 60th Birthday Party
Bob and Sylvia's, 1 of 2
Bob and Sylvia's, 2 of 2
Brian and his Daughters
The Butterly Burckhardt Family
Claire, Wendy, Claire
Doctor Schwartz's Office
Don and Leslie's
Friends in Soho
A Fund Raiser
Gathering in My Vassar Studio
Home Concert
In Paris
JFK Airport, Terminal 4
Jung, Gail, Ken, Tayler
Leonardo's Horse, 1 of 2
Leonardo's Horse, 2 of 2
Movies in Rosendale
New Years Eve
Phillips Academy Andover
Rebecca, Eric, and ...
Reunion Weekend
Reunion Weekend
Rhinebeck Farm Market
Rose's 1st Birthday
Rose's 2nd Birthday Party
The Santlofers
Shannon Sullivan and Friends
Shelter Island
Summer Party
Tom and Joyce's, 1 of 2
Tom and Joyce's, 2 of 2
Tom's Opening, 1 of 2
Tom's Opening, 2 of 2
The Watsky Family
The Zur Family