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Helen and Carole's
Dinner at Tom and Joyce's
Dinner at the Arlyck's
Stephanie and Chris' Wedding, 1 of 2
Stephanie and Chris' Wedding, 2 of 2
Panel at the College Art Association
Jill and Tom
Rhinebeck, NY
At Annette and Chris'
Rose's 5th Birthday Party
Dinner at Bob and Sylvia's
Justin and Allison
Max's Opening in Beacon, 1 of 2
Max's Opening in Beacon, 2 of 2
Abbas Kurastami, 1 of 3
Abbas Kurastami, 2 of 3
Abbas Kurastami, 3 of 3
Dinner Party at Wendy's for Billy's Birthday, NYC
June, Jacqueline, Victor and Cathy
The Fine and Esber Family
Gail and Arthur's
April 14, 2004, 1 of 2
April 14, 2004, 2 of 2
Gail and her class
Dinner at the New York Studio School
Rose's 6th Birthday Party
Richard and Sharon's
A Party at Tom and Joyce's
Maryanne's dinner
Before a Performance of Spelling Bee in Great Barrington
Mina's Restaurant, Rhinebeck, NY
Kathe and Jeffery's Wedding, 1 of 4
Kathe and Jeffery's Wedding, 2 of 4
Kathe and Jeffery's Wedding, 3 of 4
Kathe and Jeffery's Wedding, 4 of 4
The Taplin Family
Thanksgiving at Dixie's, NYC