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Ambridge, Pennsylvania
Shannon Sullivan and Friends
Friends in Soho
At the Poughkeepsie Plaza Mall
Rose's 1st Birthday
Leonardo's Horse, 1 of 2
Leonardo's Horse, 2 of 2
Don and Leslie's
Gathering in My Vassar Studio
Summer Party
The Watsky Family
Bob and Sylvia's, 1 of 2
Bob and Sylvia's, 2 of 2
Autumn Get-together. 1 of 2
Autumn Get-together. 2 of 2
In Paris
Phillips Academy Andover
At the Kingston Mall
Betty's 60th Birthday Party
At ACDC Studio
New Years Eve
The Santlofers
Doctor Schwartz's Office
Tom's Opening, 1 of 2
Tom's Opening, 2 of 2
The Butterly Burckhardt Family
JFK Airport, Terminal 4
The Art Department
The Zur Family
A Fund Raiser
Rose's 2nd Birthday Party
Reunion Weekend
Reunion Weekend
Tom and Joyce's, 1 of 2
Tom and Joyce's, 2 of 2
Movies in Rosendale
Home Concert
Shelter Island
Rhinebeck Farm Market
Claire, Wendy, Claire
Jung, Gail, Ken, Tayler
Ben, Catherine, Billy
Rebecca, Eric, and ...
Brian and his Daughters