Visitors 1971

Jonathan Santlofer
Catherine Murphy met Jonathan when they were both students at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Skowhegan Maine in the summer of 1967. At that time, the students at Skowhegan were comprised of undergraduate art students between their junior and senior years. The schools that they attended suggested that they go to Skowhegan. The year after Skowhegan, Jonathan became an MFA student at Pratt. We saw him very frequently during his first year at Pratt when Cathy and I were still living on Myrtle Avenue. By 1971, Cathy and I were living in Jersey City, while Jon and Joy were either living in Jersey City or had moved to Hoboken ----This was the first photograph I took for the "Visitors" project. Jon was over visiting when I took his photograph. Then it struck me at that moment that I would photograph everyone who came to visit. The project soon expanded to include everyone who came over, no matter the reason. Later on, when we lived in houses instead of apartments, "everyone who came over" began to include everyone who came on the property of where we lived, without necessarily coming into the house. Then it occurred to me that it seemed reasonable to have a 24-hour rule. If someone came over and left and came back within 24 hours, there would still be one entry. If they stayed overnight, there would still only be one entry. If that person or people came over seven different days, even in one week, there would be seven entries. (Caption added, August 12, 2017)
Jon and Joy
Dinner for Jon's birthday.
Neil Roseman
Cathy, Neil and I came home from Massachusetts. We went for the weekend to get Cathy's painting for a show in March. (Neil was my brother, added, August 12, 2017)
Jon and Joy
Joy posed for Cathy (Catherine Murphy) and Jon printed photographs.
Jon and Joy
Joy came over to pose for Cathy. Jon also came by. They went home and later came back for dinner.
Jon and Joy
Jon came by to print photographs and Joy came by to pose for Cathy (Catherine Murphy).
Neil Roseman
The wrappings and boxes on the table are treats Neil brought us from Farraro's Restaurant in Little Italy, NYC. He also brought us loads of food from our parents' house and some towels my mother sent for Cathy for her birthday (which is in January).
Neil Roseman
Neil came over in the morning to bring me and a sculpture to the foundry. First, he had breakfast with us.
Jon and Joy
They came to visit.
Joy, Jon, Cathy, Me
I set the camera to a timed shutter release.
Joy and Jon
Jon posed for a drawing for Cathy. Joy and I prepared dinner for the four of us.
Rosemary and ?
Rosemary Hamilton and - don't know his name.
Jon came over in the morning to pick up vitamins and some other things I had picked up for him in the Flushing Queens health food store. (I was traveling back to Queens to work for Joseph Cornell). He had tea with us.
Jon and Joy
They came over to see us (Catherine Murphy and I) dressed up to go to my cousin Susan Roseman's wedding. This was the first time we got really dressed up, suit etc., since her brother, Nathan Roseman's wedding two years ago.
Jon and Joy
We had eaten dinner. I called Jon and Joy. They were napping. Jon answered the phone and I heard Joy say in the background that the chicken's in the freezer. We asked them to come over for dinner and had chickarina soup.
Sidney Roseman
1971-07-01 #1 (roll date) Cornell Roll 1
We (Neil, Cathy, Me) went to the Mandarin Inn in Chinatown, NYC for dinner. Neil was over here before and came back after dinner as well.
Suzanne and Stephen
They came over for dinner. We had cucumber soup, flounder filets (which Frank, Cathy's father caught and we brought back from our trip to Lexington, MA) poached with mushroom and cream sauce, carrots vichy (from Frank's garden), boiled potatoes, salad, custard (which Suzanne and Stephen didn't care for), madeleines, honey and green grapes.
Neil, After Arriving Home
Neil Roseman. We had all came home from Massachusetts. The three of us (Neil, Cathy, Me) went to Mass for 4 days. I initially thought that this was Friday to Tuesday. But because the roll date indicates August 29th (a Sunday) our trip might have taken place later in the week. (roll date Aug 29, 1971 #1) Earlier in this project when I used film I would date the roll of film when I took it out of the camera. So, I wouldn't necessarily know the exact day the person came over. Late on I started to mark down visits on a calendar so I would know the specific day. Still, later on, when I started to use a digital camera, the date and time would be on each photograph. Earlier on I didn't always write captions. I added this caption on August 12, 2017
Neil Roseman
1971-11-01-10 (roll date, image #22), Neil Roseman (1950-1992)
We (Cathy, Neil, Me) went to dinner at a little Chinese/American/Cuban restaurant-luncheonette type run-down place on Summit Avenue in Union City, Sun-Mey. Much to our surprise, the food was great. Everything was freshly cooked when it arrived. Then we went to a shopping mall and looked at Simmons mattresses. We had to get the catalog number and give it to Jon and Joy (Santlofer), so their brother-in-law, who works for Simmons, could get it for us at 40% off the regular price. We also went by Neil's new apartment. He had not yet moved in. But he would go on to make it very nice.
Jon and Joy
They spent Thanksgiving at Jon's parents' house. On Saturday afternoon, they came over. We then proceeded to have a food orgy. We ate dinner at about 2:30, scallops, etc. In the early evening, we had candy, hostess tasty cakes, and other junk pastries and milk. At about 10:30 p.m., we had Blimpie submarine hero sandwiches. They were supposed to leave Saturday evening. But because of the pouring rain, they stayed over and left after breakfast on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.
Rosemary and David
Last night Cathy and I went to the Figurative Alliance. We sat next to Rosemary and David and asked them to come to dinner on Saturday. We had chicken in herb sauce, potatoes, cream of spinach soup, salad, and poached pears for dessert. We showed them our work, and they left at about midnight.
Seth, Sidney, Morgan
My parents were leaving for Florida the following morning. They dropped Morgan off here.
Fred Rycheck
Fred came over to meet Neil at our place. He got here about 11:10 p.m. Cathy had already gone to bed.
He came over to pick up Morgan (see entry: Seth, Sidney, Morgan - December 4, 1971). He was planning to keep him for most of the two weeks that our parents were in Florida. He was watching Morgan because of my back. I didn't think I'd be up to walking him. Also, he often got hair into Cathy's paintings and generally drove us crazy... even though I did like him when he wasn't staying with us. Neil brought dinner from where he worked (Gourmet International). He did most of the cooking there. He brought back duck with orange sauce, rice stuffing, and salad. Neil waited until Fred came to meet him here. See next entry.
Scott, Gail, Bruce
We went to Cathy's parents for Christmas at 5 Bennett Avenue, Lexington, Massachusetts. Scott called us when he also arrived in Lexington for a Christmas family visit. Cathy asked him to come over to get his Christmas present, a bourbon pecan cake which she had made.