Friends and Acquaintances 2001-2002

Billy's Opening
We attended Billy's opening that day.
South Hills Mall
We all went to dinner and then to the movies at the South Hills Mall in Poughkeepsie.
Daniel Weinberg Gallery Opening
Catherine had a show at the Daniel Weinber Gallery in Los Angeles.
Sam Messer and His Family
In their house in Venice, California
Chinatown, Los Angeles
We spent some time with Mary and Suzanne that day.
We were invited for Thanksgiving dinner at Betty & Jack's in West Groton, Massachusetts.
Dinner at Tom and Joyce's
A small dinner gathering at Tom and Joyce's.
Dinner at Carole and Helen's
We and a few other of our friends were invited to dinner at Carole and Helen's house.
At Sally and Peter Saul's
We had dinner at Peter and Sally's.
Dinner at Tom and Joyce's
The group of us were invited to Tom and Joyce's house for dinner.
A Get-together at Sylvia and Bob's
We were invited to Bob and Sylvia's house for a party along with group of friends and acquaintances.
Kathy, Cathy, Carl
Vacationing in Maine
Cena 2000, 2002
Elaine was visiting us and we met Sylvia and Bob for dinner at Cena 2000, Newburg, NY. Afterwards we dropped Elaine off at the Newburg train station so she could go home to Manhattan.
Tom and Joyce's, 3 of 3
Image # 4A from photo roll. We all had dinner at Tom and Joyce's that evening. See two previous entries.
Tom and Joyce's, 2 of 3
Dinner at Tom and Joyce's. See previous and following entries.
Tom and Joyce's, 1 of 3
We all had dinner at Tom and Joyce's. See following two entries.
Susan and Reinhard's
Image 14A of photo roll, after 7/20. Relaxing on the steps at Susan and Reinhard's house. They invited us for dinner.
At Louis and Louise's
A get-together with friends at Louis and Louise's house.
At the Mary Boone Gallery
2002-05-15: Boone Gallery, L - R, The people standing at the left are strangers to me, Woman with black suit and scarf (don't know her name), Peter Halley, Catherine Murphy, Chuck Close' assistant, Chuck Close (in wheel chair), Lisa Davis, unknown to me. Peter Halley's opening at Mary Boone in NYC.
Class Visit, 2 of 2
Visiting a class during our stay in Minneapolis. See previous entry.
Class Visit, 1 of 2
A class visit during my stay in Minneapolis. See next entry.
Minneapolis, 3 of 3
Catherine (Catherine Murphy) and me were visiting artists at the University of Minne sota, Minneapolis. A group from the art department took us out to dinner.
Minneapolis, 2 of 3
Catherine (Catherine Murphy) and me were visiting artists at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Shirley and Alexis had a party in celebration of our visit.
Minneapolis, 1 of 3
Catherine and me were visiting artists at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. This was a group from the sculpture department that took me to lunch.
A group who I am not acquainted with in a terminal.
Easter Dinner
Easter Sunday Dinner at the DuPuy Canal House, High Falls, New York
Easter Dinner at DePuy Canal House Restaurant
Easter Dinner was at a restaurant in High Falls, NY that we frequented for that holiday.
Frances, Lisa and Catherine
2002-03-19: Frances, Lisa and Catherine, L - R, Frances Barth, Lisa Davis, Catherine Murphy in Chelsea, NYC
Mariners Harbor
We all went out to dinner at Mariners Harbor on the West Bank of the Hudson across from Poughkeepsie.
After Lunch
We all met for lunch in Soho, NYC
October 1st
From photo Roll A
Art Department
A meeting of the members of the art department. From photo Roll A. See next entry
In Soho
We were in the city and ran into Tom, Joyce and Wade.
Photographing at JFK Airport
We went to John F. Kennedy Airport to photograph Curtain Wall.
Students in front of Main Building at Vassar College
A group of my students (Image is from photo roll "B")
At Bob and Sylvia's
We were visiting Bob and Sylvia.
Five Islands, Maine
Just after eating lunch in the Five Islands area of Maine.
Baypoint, Maine
Catherine and Kathy and I had rented cottage from Kenny on Baypoint for a week. Everyone is standing on the deck of the cottage.
Lang Maso Family
At their house in Germantown, NY
Dinner after JFK Opening
After the opening for the the three projects, including mine, at John F. Kennedy Airport we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner in Flushing, Queens, NY.
Opening at John F. Kennedy Airport, 1 of 2
At the opening of three projects at JFK Airport, terminal 4, NYC, including my project, Curtain Wall.
Curtain Wall Crew
The installation supervisors and the installation crew for Curtain Wall at John F. Kennedy International Airport, NYC.
Easter Dinner at the DePuy Canal House Restaurant
We all got together for Easter dinner at the DePuy Canal House Restaurant in High Falls, NY.
Elizabeth, Bob, Sophia
They came to Vassar so that Sophia could take a look around. I think she had already applied. They are visiting with me in my studio on the second floor of the All Campus Dining Center.
At Hiram's
At Hiram Ball's business in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.
Beth and Allan's
At a holiday party at Beth and Allan Haber's.