Friends and Acquaintances 1999-2000

Ambridge, Pennsylvania
They visited me at Hiram Balls during the casting and painting process of Curtain Wall. They live in the Pittsburgh area.
Maryann Bruno asked me if she could bring a troop of Brownies in to see my sculpture (Curtain Wall, at my Vassar College studio).
Friends in Soho
We spent part of the day together in NYC.
At the Poughkeepsie Plaza Mall
At the Poughkeepsie Plaza Mall after we had dinner.
I was in Seattle with Catherine, John and Eve. Catherine and John were doing a visiting lecture thing at The University of Washington, Seattle and Eve and I came along for the ride. Randy Hayes is a painter that John and Eve know in Seattle.
Rose's 1st Birthday
A large gathering at Helen and Carol's house to celebrate Rose's 1st Birthday.
Leonardo's Horse, 1 of 2
We were all at a reception at Tallix Foundry in Beacon, NY, to mark the unveiling of a sculpture of a horse based on drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci. See next entry.
Leonardo's Horse, 2 of 2
We were all at a reception at Tallix Foundry in Beacon, NY, to mark the unveiling of a sculpture of a horse based on drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci. See previous entry.
Don and Leslie's
Don and Leslie had been having yearly summer cookouts. We had gotten to know them recently, so we were invited to this party.
Gathering in My Vassar Studio
This was a portion of the workspace that Vassar granted me for the production of Curtain Wall.
The Watsky Family
We were visiting Andy and Chiharu at their house.
Bob and Sylvia's, 1 of 2
A cookout at Bob and Sylvia's house. See next entry.
Bob and Sylvia's, 2 of 2
In Bob's studio. See previous entry.
Autumn Get-together. 1 of 2
We meet up with a few friends. See next entry.
Autumn Get-together. 2 of 2
We got together with some friends. See previous entry.
In Paris
It was set up through Jill that we meet up. We went out to dinner together.
Phillips Academy Andover
A visit to Phillips Academy.
At the Kingston Mall
The Nozkowski Robin's family in the movie theater in the Kingston Mall.
We spend the day in Philadelphia with friends.
Betty's 60th Birthday Party
Standing on the deck. Betty Keddy's 60th birthday party at Katie and Joe's house.
At ACDC Studio
Allison was working as an assistant for me and James and Joyce were visiting.
New Years Eve
New Year's Eve at Gary and Suzanne's.
The Santlofers
In my Curtain Wall Studio, Vassar College. I am pretty sure they ere visiting colleges for Doree.
Doctor Schwartz's Office
At my dentist's office in Pleasant Valley, NY
Tom's Opening, 1 of 2
At a dinner in the Max Protech Gallery after Tom Nozkowski's opening. See next entry.
Tom's Opening, 2 of 2
At a dinner at the Max protect Gallery after Tom Nozkowski's opening. See previous entry.
JFK Airport, Terminal 4
After a long day of work installing Deborah and My sculptures at John F. Kennedy International Airport, International Air Terminal/Terminal 4, NYC
The Art Department
The Art Department, Vassar College. Not veryone was at the department meeting the day I took this photograph.
The Zur Family
At graduation, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York.
A Fund Raiser
We attended a fund raising event for Hillary Clinton in an art gallery in NYC. Catherine (Murphy) had donated a drawing The event was organized partly by Chuck Close.
Rose's 2nd Birthday Party
A large backyard gathering for Rose's 2nd Birthday Party.
Reunion Weekend
Posing for a photo in my Vassar College Curtain Wall studio during Reunion Weekend.
Reunion Weekend
At my Vassar College Curtain Wall studio during Reunion Weekend.
Tom and Joyce's, 1 of 2
Tom and Joyce invited us over along with other friends of ours. See next entry.
Tom and Joyce's, 2 of 2
We spent some time with friends at Tom and Joyce's house before going to the movies together. See previous entry.
Movies in Rosendale
After the movies in Rosendale, NY.
Home Concert
John Sayles and Maggie Renzi invited us to this concert organized by David Strathairn and Logan Goodman in the home of Gabriella Kiss.
Shelter Island
We were visiting Billie and Arthur on Shelter Island, NY and went with them to visit their friends Bob and Phyllis.
Rhinebeck Farm Market
Benjamin spent the night before at our house. We went to the Rhinebeck Farm Market and ran into Steve and Dede there. Afterwards Ben, Catherine and me went to Gigi's for lunch.
Claire, Wendy, Claire
They visited me in my studio at Vassar.
Jung, Gail, Ken, Tayler
Visiting my studio at Vassar College
Ben, Catherine, Billy
We dropped a few of pieces from my "100 Most Popular Colors" series off at Davis and Langdale Company, Inc so they could be sent to the people who bought them. Then we went to the Frick to see the Gabriel de Saint-Aubin exhibition. We got to Knoedler before Billy. We had arranged to meet him there. We then all went to see Catherine's newly framed drawing, "Split" . Following that, we went out to lunch nearby before heading to the Museum of Modern Art to see Martin Puryear's show (it was the second time for us) and to see the Seurat drawing show. The museum was very crowded. Me and Cathy dropped Billy off at the Edward Thorpe Gallery on the way to Lennon Weinberg to see Jill Moser's exhibition. We met Billy back at Edward Thorpe's. He was thinking about buying a Judth Linhares painting from Thorpe. The three of us went to Bottini's for a light dinner. On the way home, we took Billy to the theater. He had a new show opening that Monday, entitled "Make me a Song". Because Catherine had to be at Yale in New Haven, we couldn't go to the opening.
Rebecca, Eric, and ...
In my studio at Vassar College.
Brian and his Daughters
In Brian's office at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY