Visitors 2021

Benjamin Busch
He visited.
Benjamin Keddy
Ben came to work for us. He spent part of the day working on a photograph for China 1987, installment 12.
Benjamin Keddy
Ben came to work for us.
Gabriel Wolfsburger
Gabriel came over to see Catherine's (Murphy) two newest finished paintings before they were shipped to NYC for her exhibition in November.
Kelly Vinett
Kelly dropped off a drawing I had left at Pamela Salisbury gallery. This is a drawing that we didn't put in the exhibition and was in the closet. She also brought extra catalogs from the Vassar show. Yesterday we took down the exhibit at the Pamela Salibury Gallery. Kelly is an assistant to Pamela and studied with me at Vassar College.
Ruperta Aquino
Rupurta came to work.
Steve Bathrick
Darren (Pulver) was already here and Steve came soon after. The idea was to move two stones we had delivered from Pleasant Vally Stone. They were for two steps for the Poustinia. The little one room cottage we sometimes use for guests. Roberta Crosley, Our first tenant, who was of Polish extraction called the little house a Poustinia, a name we liked. The name connotes a small cabin used as a religious retreat. Steve had a machine that should have made it quite easy to move the stones. The delivery man from Pleasant Vally left them as close as he could to the cottage. Steve's machine as not quite the machine I was expecting. The fluid in the hydraulic lift on the top part of the machine sprayed out and that section wouldn't work. After a couple more mishaps the stones were set in place. Darren had to shift the soil in order to get the stones level. Steve hadn't been over to do work here fro some time. His son Andrew and then his son Travis took over the mowing and Andrew plows our driveway. They used to come work with Steve here (see past entries under Bathrick) but by and by they grew up and wanted to take on the work as part of their working lives.